Join our winning Arts and Cocktail team to plan a one-day / morning event to achieve the importance of unity in diversity and creative thinking in your company including the mission and importance of the company.
We focus on the 

  • creative thinking

  • teambuilding

  • but most of!

The day consist of mixing cocktailsand
your group will be divided into teams which will compete against each after the Cocktail barman demonstrated the recipe.  The team needs to prepare the cocktail and wil be given time to plan before mixing their own winning cocktail. 

Sip your way to a MASTERPIECE!

The second part of the day the team will paint separate parts of the "BIG PICTURE" using acrylic paint on canvas.  The teams will coordinate their own masterpiece according to instructions from a professional Artist.  
The art will be combined to create one big canvas to reveal the final artwork.  The size of the final artwork will depend on the amount of participants on the day.