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Being a successful business women in the corporate world and teaching a few years she decided to follow her dream... to teach Art!

Her art journey started 18 years ago, and she never looked back.

Franci is known for the  way she develops each individual student's style technique. It is important to  her that the student's study her style but develop their own  technique.

She strongly believes that ANY ONE can be the best artist they set themselves to be...

Contact (083) 601 7646


Franci du Plessis

Cindy Brits

Cindy has a sparkling personality that appeals to the young.  Her artist skill enables her to allow the young artist to think outside the box.  

She left the corporate environment in exchange for the artistic scene.  She believes that each child has a place in this world, and that makes her a stronger tutor that combines art therapy in her classes.

She is highly recommended by Psychologists to work with the special needs child.

Contact (066) 229 5413


Cherise Meyer

She makes things happen...


Our whole admin department , Cherise Meyer, who handles all queries on accounts, payments, bank details and such.

She is the voice behind the success.  Professional and diplomatic.

Give her a call, and you will know what we mean.

Contact: (082) 886 2693