Good day students.


We are incredibly excited about our art exhibition planned for 29th & 30th May this year. Our aim is to


  • Showcase the excellent talent we have amongst our students  

  • Promote Art Brush School as the leading art school in the surrounding areas. 

  • Invite art curators, collectors, gallery owners, framers and interior designers in to view our amazing art works. 


With these goals in mind, we have been fortunate to secure the Steyn City Equestrian Club house as the exclusive venue to hold our exhibition. 


If you have exhibited in the past, you will note the process is somewhat different this year.  As space is limited we are looking at 80 to 90 art works depending on the sizes. 


  • Art students are to submit their chosen pieces to Franci by the 23rd April. The Art exhibition team will be doing a preliminary selection. There is no limit to the number of works in this part of the process and framing is not required.

  • From the preliminary submissions,  120 works of art will be chosen. 

  • The 120 pieces will be submitted to a panel who will choose the final 80 - 90 pieces for the exhibition which must then be framed. The panel consists: 

    1. An interior designer in the business for 30 years.

    2. World renowned artist

    3. Business woman of the year in the advertising industry

    4. Framing expert

    5. Expert Art collector 

The Exhibition will be divided into areas which will impact on the entry fee. 


  • Front of house R150 to R350 per painting : Maximum space for 8 large paintings and 16 small paintings available

  • Middle of house R100 per painting : size dependant

  • Other areas R60 per painting.


Front of house will have hanging space provided. All the other areas, artists are requested to supply an easel with their art work.


We will also be showcasing art and its benefits


  • As therapy in our Art Therapy section

  • Art as it benefits children's development where Cindi will have a display of her students art work. (We are hoping to do small work shops on the Saturday)


The exhibition will be launched on Friday 29th May with cocktails and a welcome address from Franci. We really do encourage everyone to invite family and friends in order to celebrate the wonderful gift of art and the lovely students attending the ART BRUSH school 


For those who would like to make an evening or day of it with family and friends, Steyn City Equestrian has a lovely family run Italian restaurant where you can have dinner or lunch. Space is limited so bookings will be essential for tables but there is a lovely grassy seating area where you can have a pizza and a glass of wine overlooking the show jumping arena and Steyn City.

087 095 5382  for bookings.