Important Dates 2019/2020

1.      Closing Dates for 2019:

Artist Brush will close for the festive season during the week of 13 December 2019 and commence the week of 13 January 2020

2.     December fees:

December fees are payable as normal.  The fees are kept low to accommodate for the school holidays and festive season.  You pay for 12 months on a 11 month art calendar. Invoices for January will be send out on 13th of December 2019. One month notice is required if enrolled longer than 3 months.  Please note that no notice period will be accepted for November and December.

3.     Price Increase

Art fees will increase with R50 from 1 January 2020 (from R800 to R850 an R600 to R650.)

4.     Exhibition 2020

The studio will have an Art exhibition on 28 March 2020. 

Please Book your space early with Franci and Cindy. Complete the list provided during clas


R50.00 per art entry (payable in cash to limit administration)

All art should be framed

Own easels/form of display

Supply size of each art work

5.      Master Classes


Master classes will be given EVERY SECOND week of the month.  They are presented by our talented tutors while you watch and learn advance techniques and remain motivated at all times.  Each masterclass will be determined by the tutors to suit the specific needs of each class. All students must participate.  Master classes are compulsory.  They will not be repeated.

6.     Special Discount

Should you decide to pay in advance for your art classes, the following discount structure will apply

10 % discount   - 12 months in advance

7,5 % discount  -   6 months in advance

5 %  discount    -   3 months in advance

7.    Workshop Discounts

Artist brush students qualify for 10% discount when attending daily/weekend Workshops held outside the normal class schedule.  Another 10 % applies for EARLY BIRD tickets (Tickets will be available as soon as the Workshop is advertised)

8.     Photos of your artwork

Please help us to publish your artwork on Social media and our Website.  Therefore we request that you send your SIGNED art on our Whatsapp group.  We will then publish the final artwork every Monday on different platforms.  You are very welcome to also publish it on your own facebook profile,  please remember to tag ARTIST BRUSH ART SCHOOL

9.     Social Media

Social Media is a successful platform for art today.  We can all do with some exposure, therefore we urge you to make sure you liked our facebook page, follow us on instagram. (All links can be found on our Home page)

Looking forward to paint with you during the last stretch of 2019!