Student's Corner

To all students that completed the foundation phase:

I urge you to be part of the monthly challenge to motivate you and guide you into looking for interesting subject matters.  This is not compulsory but will be beneficial to your art journey!  If you are busy with a painting of your own choice, it will be advisable to fit this project into your schedule for the month.  You can do this over and above the painting you work on.  If this will not be your primary project for the month, then choose the easiest medium you are comfortable with... Enjoy!



1.  There is a lot of things that we treasure from the old world.

2.  It could be a old old bookshelf or a wedding dress hanging against an antique cupboard



1.  Paint a jar with you paint brushes in

2.  You can also paint a portion of your studio

3.  A used palette makes a real masterpiece



1.  Paint a mixed medium painting of a face or animal

2.  This artwork must contain some kind of abstract

3.  It should not be a celebrity, but rather someone you know, or your pet




1.  Finish all current project of 2019






Let's start 2020 with new hope.

1.  Paint a lighthouse, either in the sea, or on land

2.  Choose anything related to a ship at sea, for example an anchor, or a ship steering wheel

3.  a Ship in stormy weather....the choice is yours!


Missed classes (by you) can not be redeemed, exchanged or refunded or made up. 

No classes will be given on public holidays, they are however exchangeable.

No person may accompany you to class. 

Please stay in the time-slot allocated to you.

Kids are treated as adults and need to adhere to the studio rules.

No food or drink inside Mugg & Bean. 


Please take special note that you pay for 12 months on a 10 month art calendar. 

The fees is kept low to accommodate for school holidays in December. 

The studio will only be closed during the December holidays according to public school calendar.