Tutor: Franci

R850.00 per month

FOURWAYS Workshops

Cedar Lakes Club house (Upstairs)

31 January 2021 -  Detail below

7 February 2021 -  to follow

7 March 2021

18 April 2021

9 May 2021

6 June 2021

4 July 2021

15 August 2021

5 September 2021

3 October 2021

7 November 2021

December 2021


Classes held in Flora Park ah, at Franci's studio

Monday mornings from 9:00 - 13:00 (every second week)             


   Thursday mornings              - 10:30  

   (Private class)



The purpose of this workshop is to absolutely challenge YOURSELF.  There is not a competition!  You will be either your own best friend, or your own enemy.  YOU CHOOSE!  The most important is that we can fit in some fun...lots of fun. It is expected of you to setup your own work space, which include a small easel, table protector (even if you work with pencil) and your canvas/paper and medium of your choice.  (pencil, ruler, eraser and sharpener should always be part of your art box) Oils and acrylics is not the only form of art...pencil/charcoal/pastel is just as challenging as art mediums.  Choose what you feel comfortable with, but still challenging.  

9 - 10am   

Franci will do a demonstration to show drawing skills and freshen up technique

10 - 12pm

Plein air drawing/painting

From what you have learned in Franci's demonstration, you will be expected to choose anything you see to draw.

You can also bring something from home to draw, like a small teapot/cup.  But keep in mind that this is to allow your creativity to explode into something you did not believe you are capable of.  So...keep it simple, but challenge yourself!

12pm - 14pm

Portrait sitting

This session will allow you to do drawing out of your comfort zone. We will have a sitter for two hours.  You can choose any medium or style to complete your masterpiece.  Franci will be available for advice and guidance, but not allowed to take your paintbrush or pencil.

This is game on for self discovery and pushing yourself to the limit. It promises to be fun and nothing too serious.  Picasso was famous for only drawing outlines and very very funny faces.  

14pm - 17pm

Own subject matter

This session is the same as a art class as before.  Bring your own subject matter and discuss your individual projects for the next workshop.  Carry on where we left off before, or start from the beginning.  This session is to learn more skill and develop your own style. 




Missed classes (by you) can not be redeemed, exchanged or refunded or made up. 

No classes will be given on public holidays and are not exchangeable. 

Your family is welcome to spend the day with you during Fourways monthly workshops

Please stay in the time-slot allocated to you.

No food or drink inside the Clubhouse.

Let's have a good time together.

There are no beginners or advance class because we work with each artist individually.

We teach the student technique and develop the best style that suits each student. We do believe that if you can't draw, you can't paint, therefore each new student does a couple of basic drawing exercises and can then decide which medium to choose or to specialise in. 


You will be able to draw amazing pictures within 4 to 5 lessons.  Within 8 weeks you can present a painting or drawing to be framed.


You choose your own subject matter with the Tutor's assistance and guidance.

You only need a pencil and eraser for the first few lessons.
Art classes teaches you to use the right side of your brain
by using the basic principles of painting which includes:

We start with pencil drawings and the basics of art. If you can't draw, you can't paint. Should the artist have
previous art experience only a few exercises is expected to refresh the eye.
It is not what look at but what you see.

You can select any subject matter of your choice, any medium to improve your art career.

We are so exited to take the art journey with you!

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