Monthly Challenges

To all students that completed the foundation phase:

We urge you to be part of the monthly challenge to motivate you and guide you into looking for interesting subject matters.  This is not compulsory but will be beneficial to your art journey!  If you are busy with a painting of your own choice, it will be advisable to fit this project into your schedule for the month.  You can do this over and above the painting you work on.  If this will not be your primary project for the month, then choose the easiest medium you are comfortable with... Enjoy!

Ships at Sea

January 2022

1.  Paint a lighthouse, either in the sea, or on land

2.  Choose anything related to a ship at sea, for example an anchor, or a ship steering wheel

3.  a Ship in stormy weather....the choice is yours!

Happy Hiking

February 2022


1.  Paint who YOU are, not a family member

2.  Could be a happy painting with a girl twirling her hair in the wind

3.  Perhaps where you run on the beach

4.  Are you clasping your legs in a fetal position?

This is important that when you look at the subject matter, you need to associate yourself with it.  We don't want you to take a photo of yourself.... we want you to paint the "feeling"


March 2022


1. Let's do some fur.  

2. Only country in the world with the big five

3.  Capture some character of the animal, and not just the animal.


April 2022


1.  Focus on a wave with detailed foam

2.  You may add a "splash" rock for composition

3.  May add people on the beach or objects like a beach ball or bucket

Still Life Oil Painting

May 2022


1.  a nice classic set of books for a office 

2.  a candle with grapes on the table, cherries or a silver teapot

3.  Cheese and wine platter

Maggini's violin

June 2022


1.  a Piano with a rose or music/note sheet

2.  a Conductor with a violin

Brewing Tea

July 2022


1.  What does time mean to you.

2.  It could be a clock with different photos on representing the time of day

3.  a huge painting/abstract with a Rolex watch painted on

4.  Or an hourglass running out or falling over and not moving sand around


August 2022


1.  Let's paint a bunch of flowers that will never die

2.  Challenge yourself with different varieties of flowers

3.  a huge painting makes a great impact in each house


September 2022


1.  Rock

2.  Ballet

3.  Couple dancing

Exotic Holiday

October 2022


1.  Think about a place that means something to you, could be your bedroom/house

2.  Choose a travel experience like Zimbali or New York

3.  You have to show PERSPECTIVE drawing and it should be a place...not needed to add people