Welcome to Artist Brush


We are a well-established art school since 2010 which focus on individual development as an artist.


We have morning, afternoon and Evening art class at Cedar Lakes Estate, inside the clubhouse upstairs. This allow you to sit and paint comfortably while being served by the friendly staff at the restaurant.

Adult classes (14yrs+) is presented by Franci and the Kids classes (7 – 13 yrs) by Cindy (Classes start 1 October 2020). 


Art classes teach you to use the right side of your brain by using the basic principles of painting. The first lesson is always overwhelming because you do not know what to expect, and what the tutor expects of you.  Therefore, you only need a pencil, eraser, transparent ruler and sharpener for the first few lessons.  You will start with pencil drawings and the basics of art. If you can’t draw, you can't paint. Should you have previous art experience only a few exercises are expected to refresh the eye. It is not what look at but what you see. Our success rate is 99,9% even if you think you can only draw a stick man, or not.  Art is about technique, not talent alone.


You can select any subject matter of your choice once you completed the basics, and your choice of medium to improve your art journey.  We teach ALL mediums.  Graphite pencil, Color pencils, watercolors, charcoal, acrylic, oil paint and more.  We are however not a once-off Craft group but will teach techniques to enhance your paintings. 


We do not want you to go do shopping in haste, we will guide you to what you need as you progress on your art journey.  You will find the supply list on our website. We will discuss what medium you would like to do, and plan around your choices.


Our lessons is structured on an individual basis, meaning that no artist does the same painting in the same class.  There are average of 10 students per class and each get individual attention and motivation from tutor and other students.


The fees amount to R850 per month for two-hour lessons per week.  We do not supply the medium (you need to buy your own paints and canvasses)


Our best referral is our website. There you can peek around to see the success of the students young and old. 


Please visit our website for the timetable and gallery and feel free to complete the ENROLL NOW form to book your space.


Looking forward to making you part of our journey.



Art greetings

Franci & Cindy du Plessis


0836017646 (whatsapp only)