Franci du Plessis

Franci du Plessis

Being a successful business women in the corporate world and teaching a few years she decided to follow her dream... to become a fulltime artist and is the owner of ARTIST BRUSH ART SCHOOL.

"I realised in 1999 that I could draw!  I helped my daughter (she was in grade 2 at the time) to draw a cover page for her homework book.  She asked me to do a Aladin scene of the video cover of her favourite animation movie.  I was so surprised that I could do this without technical or former art training.  

I then decided to draw an elephant...first on A5 paper, then repeated the same picture on an A4 paper, and then I took a single bed sheet and pinned it on the passage wall, but did not know what paints of brushes to use.  When my husband came home, he just stared at me with big eyes, because I went "over board" with my new found hobby.  

He then bought me a three month contract with Denzil Herring art studio for my birthday, and now I was scared, serious and full of dreams.  When I arrived at his studio the first time, he asked me to draw a horse...Oh my Goodness!  it looked like a frog!  Even though Denzil never gave me negative criticism.  I felt wonderful!

I decided that Art is my new thing, while studying MBA at Unisa School of Learning.... 

After completing my studies, I realised that I will be sitting in a office for my whole life, doing web development, designing and Project Management.  I had to get out of there, and prayed to be a full time artist.

When I asked Denzil for advise on how to become a professional artist, he said "draw, draw, draw"  and when you finished drawing, start to draw.... I was devastated of his answer, cause I felt I Can Draw.... That was 20 years ago...and the best advice I could ever get"  ...and I am still drawing as a foundation for all my artwork and tutoring.

Franci is known for the  way she develops each individual student's style technique. It is important to  her that the student's study her style but develop their own  technique.

She strongly believes that ANY ONE can be the best artist they set themselves to be...